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Miller Micro Farm

Goat Milk Burn and Itch Relief Cream

Goat Milk Burn and Itch Relief Cream

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Our Handcrafted Burn and Itch Relief Cream was produced with you in mind. This formulation can help soothe bee stings, mosquito bites, sunburns, poison ivy/poison oak/sumac, eczema, psoriasis, and mild burns. Want some extra relief? Place it the refrigerator until in use, the cooling only intensifies the effect. 

What makes our relief cream so amazing?

In the fall we spend days harvesting Organic Jewelweed and Wide Leafed Plantain from our farm. We then have a very tried and true method of infusing water with their magical powers. This slow tedious process is extremely time consuming but worth it to maintain the integrity of the plant's benefits. 

Ingredients: Pasteurized Goat Milk, Jewelweed & Plantain Infused Water, Emulysifing Wax, Palm Stearic Acid, Shea Butter, Witch Hazel, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, (Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Sorbic Acid Preservatives), Vitamin E Oil, Natural Fragrance or Essential Oil. 

Available in an 8 ounce tub for easy opening and application

All plastics are USA Made

Warnings: Test for any possible allergic reactions, conduct a patch test on a small area. Be sure to keep the product away from your eyes and delicate areas. External use only, do not ingest.

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